With a little TLC

Ok, so I am super excited about this DIY project that I just finished. I found these little gems on Facebook marketplace, which I am completely addicted to now. I couldn’t pass them up, as soon as I laid eyes on them, I saw the potential right away. I know that it is sometimes hard to look at something that is old and a little worn and see what it could be with some TLC. This is the before of one of the tables, this one needed a little more lovin then what the other one did.


I followed the same steps that I did with the table (in my previous DIY post) except I did sand down the top of this one a bit to smooth out the mark in the bottom right-hand corner. After sanding I added one coat of primer to the whole table. I still had, and still, have tons of the Sico Wood Ashes furniture and cupboard paint color left from the table, and Love the color so much that I decided to use it on these as well.


In the end, I had to apply 3 coats of wood ashes to the tables to ensure that everything was covered. Here is the outcome.


I buy all my pull knobs at Homesense/Winners, they have the most unique and inexpensive ones. I hope you enjoyed seeing my project as much as I loved doing it. These beauties are being dropped off tomorrow to their new owner, as they are officially SOLD!!

KIM xo

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