Building a strong relationship.

I am sure you have all heard the saying “learn from your mistakes”?  I’m not saying that all my past relationships were mistakes, I like to think that they all happened for a reason. I have learned a lot from every person I dated and every situation that I was in with that particular person. Being able to take something away from my past has made my relationship/marriage as strong as it is today.

I know that in the beginning every one of my closest friends thought that this was happening way too fast, I don’t blame people for thinking that. From the outside looking in that’s exactly what it looked like. After all the wrongs I knew what was right. This was someone that I connected with in a way that I never have. Yes, trials and tribulations happen all the time in every relationship but its how we handle it that makes the difference.

Relationships need to be built on these factors: Trust, communication, and respect.

Trust: Sometimes in relationships trust can be broken but the good thing about this is that trust can be built back up again. Think about it as a house being destroyed in a fire. Everything that you had built that house to be and all the memories that were made are now gone. The best part about it is that you have the chance to rebuild that house one piece at a time. It will take time and a lot of work and sometimes help from others but eventually, that house will be back up and stronger than ever, ready for new memories to be made and a new foundation to build on.

Communication: This is one of the biggest factors of a relationship lasting a lifetime and ending before it even began. Communication is key to a healthy and strong bond with your partner. There are a lot of people out there that would rather hold their feelings in when something is bothering them and let it build up then to talk about it. Communicating isn’t just about talking it’s about connecting with your partner. This was a huge missing factor in past relationships that I have now with my husband.

Respect: Just writing that word makes me want to break out into the famous song. The definition of respect is “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements”. (according to the dictionary) I think that this is self-explanatory as to why it is important in a relationship. Bring each other up, cheer each other on in goals you want to achieve in life and always work together and never apart.

Relationships are work and will always be work but that’s what it takes to make a bond and keep that bond strong. One more thing that is important in a realationship…..always kiss each other good night.

Kim and Jason 191

KIM xo


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