Setting Goals

I have spent most of my adult life setting goals for myself, some I have achieved and some I have failed miserably. The one thing that I have realized over the years is that I always learn from every mistake I have made. It has made me into the person I am today. Don’t get me wrong I am still in perfect but in the most perfect way.

One of the biggest goals that I had (and achieved) was owning a salon. From the moment I became a hairstylist I knew that owning a salon of my own was something that had to happen. I had it for 4 years with a partner (which I couldn’t have done it without this individual)but it had come time to shut it down. Was I sad? Yes, absolutely but I was also happy that it happened. This situation is also one that I had to learn the hard way on a few things but it has only made me stronger and taught me a lot.

My blog, now this is definitely another goal that I had set for myself and never knew if I would have the guts to go through with it. I still have days when I open my site that I think to myself, omg what am I doing? This is something that I have to do because if I don’t do it at this very moment, I will procrastinate and make excuses and it will never happen. I fear most what people will think, but life is too short to sit and worry about that. When we do this it holds us back from doing things that we really want to do or accomplishing those goals that we have set for ourselves.

I recently watched a video on facebook of Sandra Bullock reacting to criticism from people. She said “Raise the bar higher, it is noisy out there and for some reason, people want to see you fail, but that’s not your problem. That is their problem.” I had to stop being scared of the unknown and what other people will think. The moment I decided this I took my goal out of the filing cabinet and I went for it.

We have no control over what others say and do, the only thing that we have control over is our self. Be true to yourself and what you want out of your life, as we only have one go around this crazy world. Don’t let fear stop you from doing anything. Just remember, dreams without goals are just dreams.

KIM xo

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