Love at first sight

Love at first sight, as if! I am sure that’s what all you guys and gals reading this are saying. That shit only happens in the movies or in Harlequin romance novels, which by the way my 89 yr old grandmother still reads. I would hear the odd story about how a couple would meet and fall in love right then and there.  I was always like yeah right I’m sure that actually happens….NOT!! When you are single you like to believe that the stuff that you see in the movies actually exists. Mom would always tell me “it will happen when you least expect it” I use to cringe when she would say this and I never believed in these cliches until December 28, 2015. That’s when “it will happen when you least expect it” happened.

I was invited to go to an event at a local hotel. At first, I was excited to go and then as the date came closer I was hesitant and was thinking about backing out. Thanks to my dear friend and sidekick who forced me to go that night. I walked through the front doors of the hotel and there he was. Like seriously folks I felt like I was in a movie and all the sudden everything was in slow motion and the song endless love was playing in my head. Ok maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but let me tell you he did take my breath away and I thought to myself holy mother of god he’s hot.

As the night progressed I found a few reasons to go up and talk to him, asking where the ATM was located and can you tell me what room the party is in. I tried not to think too much into it as I have had my heart broken more than once and had completely sworn off guys at this point. As the night came to an end my friend asked if I wanted to go find him. I said “let’s get our jackets and go home”, we get our jackets and continue to walk down the stairs to go grab a cab and there he was standing in the pub of the hotel watching the football game. I panicked, as I was expecting him to be gone home at this point and I ran to the bathroom lol. When we came out we went over to talk to him. The three of us sat at a table and talked for about an hour. As we were sitting there talking this little voice came into my head and said: “he is going to be your husband”. I mentally slapped myself in the face at this point, how on gods green earth could anyone know that just by sitting and talking with someone for an hour. One year into us dating my dream guy asked me to marry him.

Moral of the story folks is that love, at first sight, does exist. That’s not to say that it will happen like that for everyone. Someone once told me that 9 out of 10 relationships aren’t going to work because it is only supposed to work with that one person. I never had it dished out to me like that and at that moment is when I decided to back away from dating guys and just enjoy my single life. 3 weeks later is when I met my future husband.

So, if you are single and feel like you are never going to meet “the one”. I’ve been there, don’t give up because I totally believe now that it will happen when its suppose to.

KIM xo


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