Social Media has changed my life.

Since social media has become the way of life now for every human on earth it has changed mine. I have suffered with insecurities about myself and my life for as long as I can remember. I am sure every girl reading this can relate to me when I say that. Every time I scroll through my news feed I look at pictures and think to myself “I wish I had their life” or “ I wish I looked like she does”. I had to learn that not everything I see on Facebook is real.Yes, their life looks amazing in pictures because they are choosing to put only the best happy pictures up. No one posts pictures of their bank statements showing that they are thousands of dollars in debt or that they are secretly stressed so much that they can’t eat and that’s why they have lost so much weight. What about those happy couple pictures that people post, and just before the picture was taken they were in a fight that was almost declared World War 3. Instead we see what is right in front of us and believe that what we see is true.

Another social media avenue that tends to get me more these days then what Facebook,  is Instagram. Pictures upon pictures of beautiful girls and beautiful families away on vacation in the most amazing places on earth that I didn’t even know existed. Where do they get the money to be able to travel all the time, how are these moms able to stay home and work or not work when the rest of us have to get up every day and bust our ass to bring home the bacon.

I am going to reference my favourite book again “You are a bad ass” chapter 8 page 77 “don’t reinvent the wheel” I had to dog ear this page because out of everything that author Jen Sincero has said in this book this page hit home for me the most and made me think holy shit you are right. She describes pretty much in these 3 paragraphs everything that I have been thinking every time I compare my life to others that I become jealous of. Jen Sincero goes on to say “Look at whose life makes you really jealous and what are they doing that you would love to be doing and who in your books is the coolest person ever. You don’t have to reinvent your life just do things that make you feel alive. So if seeing someone traveling is sparking something inside then you should be figuring out a way to take a trip”.

For me I was seeing these women who have taken control of their lives and have made powerful decisions that have led them to being able to stay home and travel to amazing places. In saying all of this I wouldn’t change my family, life or career for anything but I always feel that I want more. I get jealous and want what other people have. So here I am writing and creating this blog because I looked at all of these people I was jealous of and asked myself “what do they have that sparks my interest” and one of the things I came up with was a blog. So I am telling you if you are anything like me, take a good look at what is sparking your interest or exciting you about your favourite peeps you follow and let social media change your life….. in a good way.

KIM xo

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