True friends do exist! #2


I am one of the luckiest girls, I get to say that I have two best friends. I have known Maureen since elementary and we have always had a strong amazing bond.

What makes her so special:

Oh my, what makes her so special? Well, I am going to start with the fact that she has the biggest heart and would honestly do anything for anyone, sometimes to a fault lol. We don’t always get to see each other because we live in different provinces but that doesn’t affect our relationship. Whenever we do get to see each other it is non stop laughs, she honestly makes me laugh until I cry. We have that type of bond that we don’t even have to say anything to each other because we know what we are thinking just by looking at one another.


Best memory:

I have to say that most of my best memories (even though there are tons) have happened on our many trips to Miami. I, Maureen and Jennie have had the best times soaking up the sun, drinking Coronas on the beach. There was this one incident that happened while we were away. We were in line at a club waiting to get in and Maureen and I were chatting away with these girls ahead of us when I heard a little bit of commotion going on behind us. The next thing I look over at Jennie and she is standing there in disgust, I look down and she had barf all over her shoes (open-toed shoes to make it even worse) there was this petite little girl who drank just a little too much and let it go all over Jennie. Maureen and I just looked at each and thought oh shit. We hailed a cab as fast as we could and honestly trying not to laugh. It was the worst cab ride I ever had, the smell was unreal. Needless to say, those shoes ended up in the garbage and the story has lived on.


What makes our friendship so great:

I can always count on Maureen for anything, she is the most reliable person I ever met. When we are together it’s like she is the missing piece to my soul, I feel complete when we are together.

What I would want her to know:

I want her to know how much her friendship means to me and how much I cherish our time together. The laughs that we have when we are together allow me to forget about all the ugly that can go on or what is going on.



KIM xo

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