True friends do exist!


 I want to do a series of posts about each of my closest friends and what makes them and our friendship so special.

I am going to start out with my closest confidant who feels more like a sister than a friend. I am sure that every girl feels like they have a friend just like her but with Jennie, I feel like I have hit the friend jackpot.

What makes her so special:

I feel that everything about her makes her special but first and foremost she can take a day where I’m feeling like I can’t deal with what has been put on my plate and turn it around into the best day ever. I have often told her that she should be a therapist, she honestly has an answer for everything. Sometimes you don’t want to hear her answer but she will always give it to you straight. She is always there when you need her no matter what time of day or night I know that I can always call her. She is an amazing mom and I love watching her bond with her son.

Hands down best travel partner you could ever ask for. We pretty much made Miami our second home.


Best Memory:

This is honestly a tricky one as I have a novel full of memories that I rate as the best. I have to say that the time we got to be roommates was the best experience. There were a lot of naysayers telling us not to move in together because it would ruin our friendship and it did nothing but make our bond stronger. I am sure she got frustrated with me a bit as she is a very organized person and I’m more of an organized mess. She was always missing a top or a dress from her closet as I would sneak them once she went to work, hey two wardrobes are better than one.

What makes our friendship so great:

We have a tremendous amount of respect and trust for each other. Trust and respect is the most important aspect in any relationship and we get that.

What would I want her to know:

I want her to always know how much she means to me. If days go by that we don’t reach out to each other I want her to know that I am thinking about her. I will always be here for her as I know she will be for me.



KIM xo








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