Tuscany awaits.

At last, we have arrived at our final destination, Tuscany. This is a place I’m sure we have all dreamed about especially after watching the popular movie “under the Tuscan sun” I assure you our experience was nothing like the movie, we never bought an old house on a whim or tried to find our way in life but we definitely lived some “now” funny moments. We have made arrangements to stay at a beautiful villa that is owned by one of my lovely friends. After getting off the train we immediately start looking for the rent a car place, which from our understanding is right next door. We venture out of the station in search of this place with no luck. we have a map that we have printed off of where this place is so we start asking around. We are told that it is a 10 min drive and a 20 min walk from where we were. We had two big suitcases with us so walking was not an option, we flag down a taxi and we are on our way. when we arrived the taxi driver tells us “you better hurry up because this place closes at 1:00” I look at the time and it 12:50. we jump out of the car and run to the rental place. We get inside and tell the lady that we have a car reservation under my name, as she is looking it up I tell her that I want to put the rental in my husbands name as he is going to be the one doing the driving. She says “I’m sorry but we can’t just change the name. we would have to cancel the reservation and make a new reservation in your husband’s name which will be an extra 100 euro” So I said forget it I will drive. I hand her my husbands credit card to pay for the car as he has car insurance on his card. She refuses to accept it because it has to have my name on it. So I said no worries my card also has car insurance so I will just use mine. So signed, sealed, delivered we are ready to venture off to the hills.


After getting lost a few……a lot of times on the way, we finally pulled up to this side road that leads to the Villa and it literally took my breath away.


The anticipation was killing me, I couldn’t wait to see where we were going to spend a week eating pasta and drinking lots of wine….wait a min we had been doing that all along, well I couldn’t wait to do more of it. We pull up to the villa and it felt like home, it was so quiet and quaint. DSC_0842

As we settle in I look in the yard and see Sergio. I have heard lots about Sergio and was more than excited to meet him. I go up and introduce myself and Sergio doesn’t speak a lick of English nor does he understand it. How was I going to communicate with him? I go inside grab a corona from the fridge and I call Sergio to come to have a drink with us, that’s a universal language it is not?


We were welcomed to the villa with a beautiful basket full of anything that you would need to get you started and a fridge filled with yummy eats and some good drinks. The cabinet was filled with games so we grabbed scrabble, made some dinner and enjoyed our first night in Tuscany.




There are lots more stories about our adventure in Tuscany so please stay tuned.

KIM xo

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