When in Rome

So Rome,  we meet again. I have already previously been to Rome but wanted to make it a stop on our trip as it is a must see and my husband had never been. We took the train from Venice to Rome and I had purchased the tickets the night prior to leaving. When purchasing them online something had glitched and I had to do two separate transactions. Not thinking anything of it we arrived at the train station and located our train. I took out the tickets and looked at one that said we were in cart 5, so we jumped on cart 5 placed our luggage in the luggage holder and referred back to the ticket to see what seats we were in. Jason was in seat 14 and I was in seat 5 on cart 1, the other end of the train and then at that moment realized that not booking the tickets in the same transaction was kind of a big deal after all. Jason said “well just sit here, there is hardly anyone on the train” so I did. There more stops we made the more people got on and no one was getting off. I knew my moment was coming where someone was going to say “you are in my seat”. The train takes another stop and tons of people load on, next thing I know I have an old Italian lady yelling at me in Italian of course. Needless to say, I couldn’t understand a word she was saying but I understood every word she was saying if that makes any sense. A young guy was trying to translate for us and I told him that I would move, that I knew it wasn’t my seat. After 10 mins of back and forth, she told me to stay where I was by motioning her hands. I dodged that bullet.

We arrive in Rome and settle into our hotel. Even though we are tired we can’t wait to get out and explore. The biggest thing on our list of things to do in Rome was the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain. The last time I was there the Trevi fountain was under construction so I was super excited to throw my coin in the fountain and make my wish…..No I’m not telling you what I wished for.


When you arrive at the Colosseum you are literally heckled to death by tour guides trying to get you to join their group. They tell you that it will take you hours in the line up to get a ticket to go in by yourself. We didn’t want to wait for hours in a line up so we did the tour (60 euros later). As we walk into the entrance I look at the box office and there is barely anyone there FML. My advice would be to walk right past the tour groups, get your own ticket (which I do believe is about 12 euro) and if you want to know any history listen in on a group.


On our last day in Rome before heading to Tuscany, we decided to stop at a Hard Rock Cafe for happy hour. As they seat us and we order a beer we notice this young couple sitting beside us. I strike up a conversation with them and find out that they are both there visiting a friend that they had met on a school exchange. They were waiting for their friend to get off work so they killed time with us and we sat, talked, drank and had lots of laughs. When their friend Paolo arrived they asked us if we would like to go get pizza with them and we gladly accepted the invite. On the way to the subway, Paolo said that he was going to call his mother and let her know that they weren’t coming back for dinner. I said “Omg that would be a dream to go have dinner at an Italian family’s home” so he asked if that’s what I wanted to do and I said “yes” obviously. We went and had a family meal, drank wine and before leaving Paolo serenaded us with “Every Breath You Take” by the Police. Perfect ending to a perfect night.



KIM xo

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