First Stop, Venice.

As we sat on the second flight of the day, which happened to be the longest flying from Montreal to Brussels. I am completely fixed on a movie with earphones in my ears, my husband taps me on the shoulder and says ” do you have the money” I’m confused and not really sure what he is talking about I said “what money?” he said “the Euros” as my heart skipped a beat and a huge lump filled my throat I said “no, I thought you had the money since it was sitting with the passports and you got those out before leaving”  he replied “no I don’t have the money” I sat in disbelief at first not sure if this is one of his jokes that he thinks is funny but no one else does and realized that nope, this was real life. Not wanting to set panic I said ” well there is nothing that we can do about it now, we will get some money out when we get there and let this be a lesson learned” a big tall glass of wine would be perfect at this point. 4hrs into our 6hr flight Jason gets up to go use the washroom, and I am deep into another movie when a few short minutes passes one of the airline attendants taps me on the shoulder and is mouthing something, I take off my earphones and she said: “is your name, Kim?” I reply “yes,” she said “I don’t want to alarm you but your husband has just fainted in the back of the plane” You don’t want to alarm me? we are thousands of feet in the air, flying over a massive body of water and you don’t want to alarm me. I immediately jump out of my seat to run to the back of the plane to find Jason laying on the floor the color of my white sports socks I was wearing. I didn’t understand what was going on and how the hell this even happened. The staff reassured us that this isn’t anything unusual and it actually is quite common. This has never happened to Jason before, the first time he ever faints and it’s on the plane on our way to our honeymoon.

Another Short flight from Brussels and we finally arrive in Venice. Jason is feeling better and after this day of flying, we are ready to enjoy every moment that lies ahead of us. We head down to the baggage claim and wait for our bags when the baggage belt stops and we realize that our luggage didn’t make it. No big deal we will just take our luggage stickers over to the lost luggage booth and they can tell us where our suitcases are. I have all of the boarding passes except for the one that has the stickers on the back. I ask Jason to pass me his boarding pass because the stickers are on the back of it, out of all the passes that is the only one that Jason cant find.  The lady at the booth tells us that there is no way that she can find our luggage without these stickers. At this point in the game, I am tired, frustrated and ready to scream. I kindly tell the lady that this is 2018 and technology has advanced a lot over the years and that I’m pretty sure that if she got on the computer that she had sitting in front of her she would be able to look up our flight info considering that we were in an airport and airports have information about flights. A few minutes later she locates our luggage and tells us that she will have them sent to our hotel as soon as they arrive.

We finally arrive at our hotel and it is the most quaint and adorable little hotel ever. The staff was absolutely amazing and once we told them what we had been through so far before arriving at the Grand Hotel Dei Dogi they insisted that we drop our bags and go sit in the garden restaurant and we were served an ice cold glass of bubbly to toast our honeymoon.


Wasting time was not an option so off we went to explore this amazing place. It was pretty much everything that I was expecting it to be. Sometimes you get these hopes about a place and can be very easily let down but we definitely were not let down.



The main attraction was Piazza San Marco, so the next morning we got up early and headed that way. The fun thing about walking everywhere is that you get to take little side streets and see things that you didn’t know that you would, you end up taking the same tracks that a local would. As we arrive at San Marco I completely understand why this place is a must see.



Ok, so here comes a funny story. Jason had spotted this place where they had panini’s, so we venture over to get him a sandwich. As the lady hands him the panini she says (and very serious) watch out for the seagulls. We both look at each other and kind of smirk as if to say “umm, ok crazy lady”. We didn’t even get 12 steps from the restaurant and this seagull came from out of nowhere, swooped in and grabbed Jason’s sandwich. His panini drops to the ground and he looks at me like WTF just happened. He picks the panini up off the ground (it was all wrapped up don’t worry) and I’m bent over laughing so hard I can’t catch my breath. So we start to walk again and I said: “you need to eat that thing because I feel like we are being watched”. Jason lifts the sandwich up to take the wrapper off to take a bite and he’s attacked again, this time the seagull pretty much lands on his head and then swoops down and goes after the sandwich. The sandwich falls again, at this point I don’t feel safe lol. I tell Jason to go hide under this bridge and not to come out until the sandwich was gone. If only I caught it all on film.

Thank you, Venice for the laughs, the amazing meals and the night dancing on the cobble stone roads that consisted of just hubby and I and our out of tune voices.

KIM xo

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