Night Out

It’s been awhile since I have been out on the town, downtown, clubbing, whatever the kids are calling it these days. On the weekend I decided, since it was my hubby’s upcoming birthday that I would get a hotel room and we would do just that. I booked a hotel that was close to a restaurant that we like and to a few bars in that same area. We went to dinner, which if you are ever in the Halifax area you have to try the Stubborn Goat. The food is fantastic, the Caesars are delicious and the atmosphere is cozy, low key with a twist of a modern Irish pub. My favorite dishes are the Mac ‘n’ Cheese,  you can never go wrong with a touch of mom’s homestyle cooking.



After dinner, we headed back to the hotel for some drinks and to catch the end of the hockey game. My husband and his friend were completely tied up in the game, me, I was ready to dance off the carbs I just consumed. Since the bar that I wanted to dance the night away at was literally a 3-minute walk around the corner I put my coat on bid the boys a farewell and said that I would see them there.

I walked into the bar that I had always known as the Argyle, but had recently been renovated and was now called the Pint. Walking through the doors I felt like I was walking into the past. So many young ones falling over drunk, Girls with belly shirts on and guys high fiving each other when they scored a number from a hot chick. I grab a drink and sit down at the bar and I watched all the ongoings of these youngings almost half my age. I can’t believe how much things have changed in my life. I once was one of these girls (not with a belly shirt though that’s for sure) out for a fun time with my friends hoping maybe I would meet a decent guy. These two girls approach the bar beside me, both clearly very drunk, both of the girls have beautiful blonde hair, and bright red lipstick. Curly haired blonde orders a drink and pulls out her phone. It was very clear that she was messaging a guy, she shows her friend the texts with the back and forth and almost instantly loses the glimmer of fun that she had minutes prior to checking her phone. At that moment it made me realize how happy that I was to be where I am today, married and madly in love. I have had people ask me if marriage felt any different and I always respond the same way ” I feel more in love then I ever have. It’s the commitment that you have now that you know its for real. You never have to look at your phone and wonder when he is going to text, what he meant by the text he sent or is he even that into me”

As the girls walk away and start chatting with this group of guys I hear a voice from behind me say “are you single” I turn around and it’s my husband, he couldn’t have come at a better time. We headed straight for the dance floor and literally danced the night away. The blast into the past was nice to see and reminisce about what once was but the look into the future was much better.


KIM xo


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