One man’s trash is now my treasure.

I’m always on the hunt for my next project when I came across this TV stand. We have a fairly large TV in our basement, where all the sports gets watched of course. The stand that we had was just too small and we had a few things put together to make the size work until we found something bigger. My favorite place to hunt for things is on the marketplace through Facebook as I have mentioned in other posts. This stand popped up and it was in pretty rough shape, lots of dents and dings but I saw past that as the stand was solid wood and I knew what I could turn it into.


Ok, so I have talked before about Annie Sloan chalk paint and how I pretty much thought this paint was the cat’s meow. Well, that was before I was introduced to Fusion mineral paint, cue hallelujah music and the light from the sky. The size of the bottle that the fusion paint comes in is about half the size of a can of Annie Sloan paint but goes a really long way. There is a little paint shop about 10 minutes from our house that sells the Fusion Paint. I set out on a Sunday to Knackered, the name of the store, with a color in mind. Soapstone, it’s a grey but has a tint of a blue undertone.


I normally don’t sand my projects and just start painting but with this one, I gave it a quick sand and washed it down with sunlight dish detergent. Make sure that you use the Yellow bottle, this will get rid of all fingerprints and any surface debris that may still be on it.


Once the stand was prepped and ready to go I started with my first coat. This paint went on so smooth and honestly, one coat of the Fusion paint was almost enough. Once it dried there were only a few spots that needed another coat, other than that one coat did the trick. With Annie Sloan, it always has taken me 3 coats to finish a project plus the wax that needs to go on at the end. You can use a wax to seal your project but it isn’t necessary, I personally opted not to wax it and I had this done in two nights. I highly recommend this product for your trash to treasure project.


Stand $50

Fusion paint $24

Black crystal knobs $16.99 (Winners)

Total project cost $97.14 (with taxes)

KIM xo




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