I just finished my third project and couldn’t be more excited about the outcome. I decided to use Annie Sloan chalk paint in French Linen.

annie sloan

If you have never worked with chalk paint before then you should definitely try it. I have used chalk paint a few times now, I refinished three bathroom vanities in our home.  You can use a roller to apply or a paint brush. It isn’t recommended to use a sponge roller, I personally like using a brush. I applied 3 coats of French Linen to achieve the finished look. I normally let each coat dry for a 24hr period before applying the next coat. Once all coats are completed I always finish with the Annie Sloan clear wax.


To apply the wax I use a cloth and put a very minimal amount on the cloth as a little goes a long way. This will protect your piece for years to come.



I added these gorgeous crystal handles that I found at my favorite store Winners and this retro style drawer liner (also from Winners) to add a little punch.


The cost for this project was very minimal as I already had the pot of French Linen paint that was purchased for the last bathroom vanity I did and I also had the wax. I paid $30 for the set of nightstands that I found on a buy and sell site. $12.99 x 2 for the crystal knobs and $7.99 for the drawer liner. So with tax, I am into this project for about $69.00. This was a definite win!!

KIM xo

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