Bringing the old into new.

I have always had a crafty heart and I love losing myself into a project. It’s like all the worries of the day disappear for those few hours. My feelers have been out for awhile for an antique table set that I could renew and make my own but to still have the style of once before. I found this gem on a buy and sell group through Facebook and it was exactly what I have been searching for. On top of it being exactly what I wanted, I scored this beauty for $50.


Now it was time to figure out what color and fabric I was going to use to bring my vision to life. I wanted something light, as our dining room is not overly big. So picking a dark color would only make the room smaller. I opted to paint the chairs and table legs a beige/ grey but to keep the wood look on top and stain it a really dark tone to make the color pop. My first step was priming all of the chairs and table legs with bullseye 123.


I was planning on sanding everything down and painting but I got a tip from the seller of the table that all I needed to do was prime and then paint, no sanding necessary. BONUS!!!

The color that I decided on is Wood Ashes by SICO, Furniture and Cabinets.



I brought my color swatch with me to the fabric store and found this gorgeous fabric. It was the perfect color and I love the pattern, it was a no-brainer. I removed all the old seats, put new batting on and wrapped them in the fabric.

Once my chairs were all done, which was a long process as they all needed three coats of wood ashes. It was onto the table, the top needed to be sanded down and the legs needed to be primed and painted.

table 2

Finally, the last step was staining the top. Like I said I wanted it to be a very dark to show off the color of the chairs. I was so happy with the outcome!!


KIM xo


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