My Magical Day

So, it’s been here and gone. The most magical day of my life, my wedding day. I have been planning this day in my head for as long as I can remember. It turned out to be everything I hoped it would be. Was it stressful, YES!!!! I’m not going to lie to ya here folks it was crazy stressful, but only really the week before.

The night before the wedding Myself and my beautiful bridesmaids stayed at the hotel so that we could unwind, have some wine and lots of laughs! We had a friend of mine come in and do pedicures on us so that our cute little toes would be peep toe ready.  We spent most of the night preparing the centerpieces as we would only have 2hrs to set the room up before we had to start getting hair and makeup done. The next morning, 8:00 we were up and ready to decorate. I had the most amazing people helping me get the room set up in the pink and white whimsical feeling I was going for. The ceilings were draped with pink and white paper lanterns, the tables were laced in perfection, and the head table was exactly what I had dreamed about for the last 6 months.


The time had come to pop the champagne and sip on mimosas as I tried to relax and enjoy the moment with my girls. My room was filled with my favorite people, my handsome step-son, my nieces, the hair and makeup gurus, who are also my very dear friends and of course my beautiful mother.


As I left the room and took the arms of my brother and step-father, this was the first time that I had cried. My heart was beating so fast and so loud I’m sure everyone in the room could hear it. I was so nervous, I think mostly because I had to walk into a room full of people that would be staring at me. As soon as I saw him standing there, my soon to be husband, my heart slowed down and a huge smile grew on my face. This was what we had been waiting for. “I know pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss your bride” Best words I have ever heard. That was it, we are officially Married!


The rest of the night was filled with laughter, dancing and of course a little karaoke. Its been 3 weeks now and people have been asking me, “so does it feel different to be married” and honestly, yes it does. I feel such a stronger deeper love and connection with him then I have ever felt. It is the most amazing thing knowing that you now have a partner for life.


KIM xo

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