Honeymoon #1 (New Orleans)


As we set off on our first honeymoon I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from New Orleans. Most people who I asked that have been there, have had nothing but good things to say about it. I’m going to give you my honest opinion about my experience. We stayed very close to the famous Bourbon street but we were far enough away that we weren’t in the middle of the party scene the whole time. I say party scene because that’s what I felt like it was. There wasn’t a lot to do in the French quarter unless you were planning on bar hopping or planting your butt at Pat O’Briens and getting drunk on Hurricanes (which they are famous for)


Our first day there we were walking down Royal which is a street in the french quarter and this man named Blue came walking up to us and insisted that he take us on an unofficial tour. 3hrs later and 10,000 steps on our stepodometer we saw things that we normally wouldn’t have seen had it been a tour that we paid money for. So if you are walking in the french quarter and are approached by Blue do yourself a favor throw the guy a $20 bill and let him take you on a tour.


The next few days after we had some tours lined up. Hubs wanted to do an airboat tour in the bayou and I really wanted to do a tour at the Oak Alley Plantation. I highly recommend both of these. The only advice that I have for the airboat tour is if you have long hair please make sure that you bring an elastic or already have your hair tied up. I went home with a head full of dreadlocks.  DSC_0513


I’m not sure how much y’all know about plantations but do yourself a favor and look into Oak Alley. It is such an interesting and sad part of our history that this lifestyle actually existed.



We couldn’t leave New Orleans, the birthplace of Voodoo and Vampires without doing a ghost walk/Tour. I highly recommend this activity as well. we actually found a deal on Groupon for the tour that we took. It was a 2hr tour that was so interesting and did you know that Voodoo isn’t bad? Hollywood made it a bad thing. According to Frank, our ghost tour guide Voodoo dolls were created back in the day as a medical record. When you went to visit the doctor for a migraine lets say, they would put a pin in the head of the doll and store it until the next time you came in. When they pulled the doll out they knew exactly what they did the last visit by looking at where the pin was located.

There are a few places that we did go out to eat and experience that I highly recommend. Blake’s was a little pub that we stumbled upon walking to the hotel from the Saints game. I will be honest, at first, I was like I think we made a mistake by picking this place. Boy was I wrong! The food was out of this world and you got a lot for the price.


The Ruby Slipper, very popular and always had a lineup. We went about a half hour before it closed and got a seat right away. If you love eggs benny you will die and go to benny heaven at this place.


So in closing New Orleans was an interesting place that only needs about 4-5 days to experience, not a week. Would I go back? No, but I’m glad that I went.

KIM xo




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